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Feasibility Study

I believe this to be the most important stage of the process in terms of the value I can add. By providing a complete picture of what you want to achieve and fixing the overall aim, we can plan and control the process better and reduce any ‘redundant’ work which can waste money. I have trained and practiced for many years and can help you get the most out of your space to help you develop your home in a way that works with your own personal needs and routines.

The feasibility study could simply look at internal remodelling and re purposing the space you have, or could include expanding your property, with an extension or loft conversion. Using ‘outdoor’ rooms as part of the home is something we sometimes do not explore enough, but this is space which is potentially very valuable to your life.

You will receive a document to outline the existing situation and the possible solutions you might consider. This document will be updated once you reach some conclusions, to summarise the intended design, ready for the next stage.

Outline Design

Developed Design

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Construction Drawings

Construction Phase

Additional Services

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I have created a map to highlight the possible locations for a workshop in Sale. Please let me know if you have any other information or contacts using the contact link below 🙂

Julie Fitzpatrick

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